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Preview Theater®

Preview Theater® is an established 12-minute in-theater advertising program which runs prior to regularly scheduled movies on college campuses. Each program presents movie trailers, music video segments, new home video releases and national commercial spots. Preview Theater® is produced eight times during the school year (four in the fall semester & four in the spring semester).

BROAD REACH - Preview Theater® provides a captive, receptive audience. It is shown on the big screen at campus facilities prior to the showing of regularly-scheduled feature films. When you buy one of Preview Theater® commercial slots, you've bought into the Preview Theater® Network comprised of more than 400 colleges nationwide with projected impressions of over 1 million per month.

CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION NETWORKS - A number of campuses across the country have closed circuit television stations that air throughout the campus. Preview Theater® airs on many of these stations up to 20 times per day.

Preview Theater® add-on programs include product sampling, couponing, sweepstakes and research as well as production ad distribution of move posters, T-shirts and other premiums.