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Hogan USA » Hogan Communications PREVIEW THEATER® (In-Theater Advertising on-campus)
Preview Theater® is a 12 minute monthly production featuring previews of motion pictures prior to their national release. Now in its 28th year, it is shown on over 400 college campuses nationwide, with impressions of over one million students per month. National commercial spots are available in each show. Preview Theater® offers the opportunity for product sampling, couponing and distribution of movie posters, T-shirts and other premiums. Advertisers include: Cinemax, Microsoft ZUNE, Army Natinal Guard, Tommy Hilfiger, Chrysler Motors, Ice Breakers Gum, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Mentos, Nestle, Capitol Records, Hollywood Records, Virgin Records, Microsoft, Apple Computer, AT&T, O'real, Vivendi Universal Games, TLC, VerizonWireless, Rouge Pictures and many many others.

HOGAN COMMUNICATIONS is the world leader in college market advance screening programs, conducting more than 6,000 screenings on college campuses nationwide. Many corporations have taken advantage of both Corporate and Brand sponsorship opportunities with premiere movie screenings. Some of these companies include Verizon Wireless, Kia Motors, Red Bull, JetBlue, Nissan, AT&T, Chevrolet, Revlon, GAP Calvin Klein, Kodak, MTV, Tommy Hilfiger, Cartoon Network, Saturn, Diet Coke, Cinemax, Ford and O'real Entertainment Weekly Magazine Condé Nast Publications and more.

HOGAN COMMUNICATIONS offers full service, one-stop FSI and ROP advertising placement services for clients in over 2,000 college newspapers nationwide. Clients include AT&T, Chevrolet, Apple Computer, Calvin Klein, GTE, New Line Cinema, Virgin Records, Columbia/TriStar Pictures and many more.

We have many years in this business, establishing our campus presence and representative network as one of the strongest nationwide. Companies such as Nestlé, Levi's, AT&T, Chevrolet, M&M Mars and Mentos have taken advantage of our on-campus services including postering, bar promotions, product sampling, research and campus-community outreach.

HOGAN COMMUNICATIONS conducts on-site promotions for Entertainment and Corporate clients in the major Spring Break cities of South Padre Island, Texas, Daytona Beach, Florida and Panama City Beach, Florida.

Using our Direct Mail Poster Publications, you can reach the High School Market or even younger. These Poster Publications incorporate elements such as Book Covers, Posters, Sweepstakes, Print Ads, Advance Movie Screenings and Internet interaction.