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Cement Suitcase

Synopsis: Cement Suitcase is the story of what happens when a quarterlife crisis goes unchecked. Comedian Dwayne Bartholomew stars as Franklin Roew, a successful wine salesman who is falling apart in the rest of his life. He’s dangerously close to losing his job, his house, and his girlfriend Charlene (Kristina Guerrero; E! News), who he’s discovered is having an affair. But things take a turn when he meets two people who help him realize that it’s not too late to take back his life.

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Genre: Comedy/Drama
Cast: Dwayne Bartholomew, Kristina Guerrero, Shawn Parsons, Nathan Sapsford
Directed by: J. Rick Castañeda
Written by: J. Rick Castañeda
Run Time: 91 minutes

Available in DVD and Blu Ray